Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On to other bikes

After a lot of reflection, I traded the VTR about a month ago. For the most part, it was fun to ride but I could never quite get comfortable with the riding position. I learned to ride on a 1986 Honda Reflex (TLR200) which is the 'street' version of Honda's competition trials bike from the early 80s. After a series of dual sport bikes, the VTR was my first street (only) bike. While the riding position was closer to standard than sport, it never really felt comfortable. So, it went to new owners that will appreciate it it for what it is. I now have a 2004 Honda Reflex (scooter) that will be used for commuting. My wife has an '02 Reflex so I am very familiar with the vehicle. Considering it has only 4400 miles, it's barely broken in.

I will leave the blog up to be used as a resource. However, it may behoove you to navigate to the shop manual chapters and save individual copies for your use. You never know when I'll lose my ability to host PDF files.