Monday, June 11, 2012


Well, it's been just over a week of commuting to my new office location. I have to say that the VTR has performed flawlessly and I'm glad I decided to buy it. As with any roads that lead to a major airport, the traffic pace is quick and the flow can be heavy, especially in the afternoons. However, the VTR has been up to the task. I'm sure the NX125 would have really struggled. I am kind of curious about the Honda CB125R though. I would how that would have performed.

After a close inspection of the tires, during a wash, I noticed that they were pretty old (nine years for the front, twelve years for the rear). So, I took advantage of Motorcycle Superstore's Memorial Day sale and purchased a set of Bridgestone BT-45 Battleax tires. They come pretty highly recommended, from other VTR owners, as well as the general population of motorcycle tire purchasers (as indicated by the feedback on the web site). They seemed OK on this morning's ride (8 miles is not a large sample size). I did notice that they do not seem to be affected by the grooves left by the concrete grinder (one of the roads, on which I ride, was ground down to provide a smoother surface - as opposed to being re-surfaced). The old Bridgestones would wiggle a little while riding. Unfortunately, the grooves are in the direction of travel which is why the tires would track differently.

There is a possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon so I might even get a chance to see what the BT-45s are like in the rain. To be honest, I was hoping to scuff them in a little more before trying them out in the wet. New tires can be slick until the surface has been roughed up and it helps to have a few heat cycles, in them, was well. Fingers crossed that it stays dry (we could really use the rain though....)

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