Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Commuter Gripe #1

It's been a while since I've been so wound up about commuting. Generally, I try to adopt a "Quaalude" attitude during the morning and evening rides so that I don't incinerate my tooth enamel by grinding my teeth. However, I've encountered the "Good Samaritan" too many times now to be silent anymore.

The "GS" is the person that stops traffic to allow someone to pull out from a side road or parking lot. Generally, if the "Entering Vehicle" stays in front of the "GS", it's OK. Traffic is momentarily slowed but no one is really in any danger except the GS (may be rear ended if someone is following too closely). When this occurs on a four lane non-divided highway and the "GS" stops traffic in their lane to allow "EV" to cross, traffic in the other lane but moving in the same direction as "GS" (green arrow) is now endangered. STOP PLAYING TRAFFIC COP you knucklehead! You have created a situation where not only have you put yourself in danger, from being rear ended, but you have also endangered people traveling in the same direction as you (but in the other lane - green arrow) as well as the person trying to cross traffic (EV).

What is the motivation here!? Are you feeling guilty because you cut someone off? Goodness knows you'll accelerate like crazy to keep another commuter from getting in front of you. Maybe you're genuinely a good person and are just being nice. Do you realize the danger you're creating for two (green arrow & EV), if not more, of your fellow motorists!?

Honestly, if you want to do this, go to Traffic School and become a Public Safety officer. Maybe next time you're in the grocery store you can allow someone to cut in line in front of you (and then incur the wrath of those behind you in line). Just STOP DOING IT before you get someone injured or worse.

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